My Most Used Bags

I’ll start out by saying, I don’t have that many handbags. Over the years I’ve tried to graduate my bag style into investment pieces–very much quality over quantity. However, even though the collection may be fairly small, I definitely still have my favorites. There are two: the Chanel medium classic flap bag in caviar leather with silver hardware and the vintage Fendi Zucca Baguette (with a huge price difference between the two!). 

The Chanel: 

image courtesy of Rebag

Why I love it:

-It’s sturdy. The caviar leather holds up well so I don’t worry about damaging it. 

-It’s the perfect size. It’s big enough to hold the essentials, but small enough to not weigh me down too much. 

-Goes with and elevates any outfit. I truly mean any outfit. I could as easily wear this with a formal dress as with gym clothes (not that I would EVER bring my Chanel bag to the gym but there are those who do!) and it would look chic AF. 

-It’s timeless. This will never go out of style. Like, ever. 

Where I’d wear it:

-Pretty much anywhere, unless it was somewhere I’d be worried about setting it down. 

The Price: A lot. When I bought it, it was around $3400. Just typing that out seems insane. I will say, however, while the price tag is hefty, I truly have gotten so much use out of it and know I will continue to, until they pry it from my cold, dead hands and give it to one of my future grandchildren. 

The Fendi:

Why I love it:

-Goes with pretty much anything, especially because the tones are so neutral. It looks equally great with earth tones as it does with black. It would probably look great with most colors as well!

-It’s extremely lightweight and easy to carry, yet still fits the essentials. 

-Also chic and timeless. 

Where I’d wear it:

-Anywhere daytime or to a casual to semi-fancy dinner. 

The Price: $450. I got this at a great price at A Current Affair vintage. Unfortunately I don’t remember the name of the exact vendor but if I figure it out, I will update this! But for the price, I think this bag is so worth it. It would be a great first bag for someone looking to buy a designer bag at an affordable price point and lots of vintage retailers have them. There are always plenty on TheRealReal, for example. For some reason, they tend to retail a little more than what I paid, but they are still well under $1000. Because this bag is at a much lower price point than my Chanel bag, I also feel a lot more comfortable taking it to places where I may have to set it down more.